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Zen no Ocha Hojicha tea Japanese loose leaf Organic Green tea 3.53oz 100g Made in Kyoto Uji Japan UZYELTWDM

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Kyoto Uji Town, the birthplace of Japanese Hojicha tea located about 250 meters above sea level in the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture, is the main production area of Uji tea, rich in natural environment.Strict conformance with JAS organic certification program. To keep the product strictly organice, no Pesticide ever used. Only natural fertilizers are used during the production cycle.QUICK SHIPPING TO PRESERVE FRESHNESS. Efficient and quick shipping ensures that the tea produced in Kyoto Uji of Japan, is shipped to any location in USA within 2-3 days.The color of Hojicha tea is distinctive of transparent Brown color.

Some of the unique characteristics of this great blend
Uji of Kyoto has a big difference in the morning and evening cold and lots of fog, drains well on coal quality ground, climate climate suitable for making tea produces good quality tea.

How to enjoy drinking the delicious tea
1. Put 6g of Sencha leaces into a tea strainer in the teapot.
2. Boil 150 cc of water. Pour it to 3 cups and wait until hot water cools to around 140F.
3. Put the cooled hot water back in the teapot and wait without moving the teapot.
4. Pour the 1st cup after 50 seconds. 2nd cup must be poured with an interval of 10 seconds without losing a single drop of the precious brew.
5. Let's drink while enjoying the aroma of Sencha tea.

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Zen no Ocha Hojicha tea Japanese loose leaf Organic Green tea 3.53oz 100g Made in Kyoto Uji Japan UZYELTWDM

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