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10 or 12 Pack Of Assorted Tillandsia Air Plants ZROLXNSGQ

Availability: In Stock



Our plants are typically 1-5 with most between 2-4.Fast shipping guarantee - FOR SHIPPING TO REGIONS BELOW 50 °F PLEASE SELECT EXPEDITED SHIPPING AND MESSAGE US TO REQUEST A HEAT PACK. Otherwise we can not guarantee that your air plants will survive the cold during transit.Comes with instruction care sheet and 30 day guarantee! Reach out to us at any time if you become concerned about the health of your plants and we will help provide a prognosis.Place in a terrarium, pot, or on just about any surface.Air plants are easy to care for, no soil is required and water once a week.

Please note that we send red/blooming plants whenever possible but can not guarantee that your plants will be red. Air plants are a wonderful way to bring a bit of color and life to any space. Plop them into a terrarium and onto your desk. Hang them on wires on your bathroom wall with pieces of string. Place them on a piece of bark in your kitchen. The possibilities are truly endless with these versatile plants. Whatever you decide to do with them, we are dedicated to making sure you get the healthy and beautiful plants you will need to pull off that great look. Air plants need water, light, and air and should thus be removed from the packaging and tended to immediately upon arrival.

10 or 12 Pack Of Assorted Tillandsia Air Plants ZROLXNSGQ

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