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12oz Latte Cup & Saucer Orange and White Cafe Style Set of 6 HRDAZRTXC

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On average, this cup holds 11.5 volumetric oz. (350 ml) when filled to the brimThis cup is designed for a 10 to 11 oz beverage (3-5% variance can be expected)Height: 2.87 / 72.5 mm Diameter: 4.46 / 113.3 mmBacked by the Espresso Parts guarantee and 365-day return policy.

About the Brand
Adeco Trading is in the business of enriching your home experience through creative, stylish and yet affordable décor. Adeco Trading is an online platform offering a broad selection of traditional and contemporary merchandise including furniture, car accessories and home improvement products, expertly crafted and designed to last. We are confident that our products will capture your imagination, and help you turn your inspiration into action without hurting your wallet.
Product description
Organize your kitchen and serve your party food in style with this lovely basket rack! Each one of the 3 tiers is made of metal with a classic Silver finish for a Lotus look, and all 3 tiers are Suitable for displaying everything from Fresh foods like apples, pineapple, or like cupcakes and cookies. For a stylish kitchen storage solution that makes a fruit basket as well, this counter top storage rack is a perfect choice.

12oz Latte Cup & Saucer Orange and White Cafe Style Set of 6 HRDAZRTXC

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