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BedClaw King Bed Modification Plate Set of 2 IBGCPMJYY

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Adapts standard Bolt-On Brackets to accommodate special needs, projects or odd-sized headboards packed along with Nylock nuts with bolts.Approx. size is 10-1/8 wide x 4-7/8 tall.Perfect for attaching Queen Bed Frames to King Headboards, or King Bed Frames to Queen Headboards, special projects or those odd size head-boards to fit standard bed frame, all sizes.Nylock nuts (6) and bolts (6) included with each pair to simplify attachment. Click on pictures for larger view. Be sure to orient the plates so no excess protrudes beyond the headboard or in a way that can cause a hazard in your bedroom.LIFETIME SERVICE POLICY

In 2007, Iittala launched the highly individual Taika 11-3/4-inch plate by Klaus Haapaniemi, an internationally renowned illustrator. Klaus Haapaniemi has a very distinctive style of decoration, and combining this style with the basic values of the Iittala range produces an exciting mix. This plate, and the complimentry pieces in this collection, has a fantesy story told on its surface, bringing an exciting and colorful presentation to the table! To counterbalance the exuberance of the decoration, the design is translated on a simple shape featuring classic, clean lines. This plate is also availble in a blue background. A new design and look for your table - only from iittala.


While most iittala dinnerware embraces form over ornamentation, Taika breaks the mold. True, the forms are clean and simple, but the surfaces are wildly decorated with imaginative owls, foxes, and trees in a rich Nordic tradition. Taika means magic in Finnish, and the enchanted forest theme is apt. The designer of these fanciful scenes is Finnish illustrator and artist Klaus Haapaniemi, a rising star in the international design world. Each porcelain mug, bowl, or plate comes in either a white or midnight-blue background, which allows for individualized expression in mixing together or with iittalas all-white Aika dinnerware.

The Taika dinner plate, oversized at 11-3/4 inches, also makes a good charger or serving platter for appetizers or desserts. Haapaniemis mysterious owl takes center stage on this plate, while the red-tailed fox commands the salad plate. Taika dinnerware is made in Finland of durable porcelain for everyday use, and is safe in the oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. --Ann Bieri

BedClaw King Bed Modification Plate Set of 2 IBGCPMJYY

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