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BambooMN 14.2 Sushi Oke Tub Hangiri 7 Pieces Sushi Making Accessory Kit MKPSSPUCN

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SUSHI TUB ROLLER MAKING KIT Includes a wooden Hangiri tub (approx 14.2 Inch across), 4 bamboo sushi mats (approx 9.5 Inch x 9.5 Inch) and 2 bamboo rice paddles (approx 8 Inch)BIG WOODEN SUSHI TUB FOR RICE Hangiri is approx 4 Inch tall x 14.2 Inch across Interior measures 3.25 Inch deep x 13.75 Inch across Sushi tub are serve to absorb moisture from recently cooked rice and allow the rice to cool down quickly Great for preparing or mixing the rice with seasons or sauceBAMBOO UTENSILS Each mat are made from matchstick rods of bamboo woven with cotton string and our bamboo rice paddles are perfect for mixing rice vingear seasoningECO-FRIENDLY Our bamboo utensils are eco-friendly and reusable High Quality, Durable, All Natural No Chemicals or VarnishCARE INSTRUCTIONS Hand wash only Dry thoroughly before storing away Stay away from heat For best results periodically rub tub and paddles with protective food safe oil (often sold as cutting board oil)

We createdAzourato be our interpretation of the classic Mediterranean Blue and white motif. throughout many countries in the region, be it Greece, Tunisia, turkey or Spain, most countries have a traditional Blue and white pattern.Azoura, like all our designs, is created by and exclusive to LeSoukCeramique. We take our Blue and white inspiration from the region to create our very own artwork. Each of our stoneware pieces is made and painted by hand using lead free and cadmium free food safe paints and glazes. Our new stoneware is highly durable, dishwasher and microwave safe and can now go from freezer to oven or vice versa. Nestled in the Small Tunisian town of Nabeul on the Mediterranean coast, Le Souk Ceramique and its olive wood division Le Souk Olivique, employ some 50 plus local artisans full-time to create beautiful hand-made, hand-painted stoneware ceramic and carved olive wood pieces. The company is evolving to function as an artisan cooperative, completely owned and controlled by the skilled artisans themselves. At Le Souk Ceramique, we hand paint every piece entirely free-hand. We do not use any machinery or decals or stencils for our artwork. Legally, if most of a ceramic piece is painted by machine and just a Small element is painted by hand, you can call it hand painted. we paint every element by hand. We use a team approach that involves between 3 and 8 people depending on the design and how many colors and artistic elements are included. The entire production is performed by the artisans.

BambooMN 14.2 Sushi Oke Tub Hangiri 7 Pieces Sushi Making Accessory Kit MKPSSPUCN

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