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Ajinomoto CookDo aging doubanjiang 100gX2 pieces JYQFWBLXA

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Ingredients: pepper, broad bean koji, salt, wheatProduct size (height x depth x width): 52mmx104mm

Product introduction This product is in …Y of spicy, fermented charged with special peanut brittle koji, is an authentic aged doubanjiang. Rich flavor and spicy was ripening, giving depth to the taste of the dish, and finish a full-fledged one dish. Mabo from the kitchen cooking such as stir-fried tofu and meat vegetables, until the table seasoning, such as pungent with dumplings sauce, you can use in a wide range of applications. Standard nutrition ingredient per nutritional ingredient 5g energy 4kcal, protein 0.3g, fat 0.1g, carbohydrates 0.7g, Sodium 251mg (sodium chloride equivalent 0.67g) to display all the description of the goods

Ajinomoto CookDo aging doubanjiang 100gX2 pieces JYQFWBLXA

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