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24 pcs 4 Inch Stainless Steel Cocktail Picks cnomg Martini Picks Set Appetizer Toothpicks ECSASRRVL

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COCKTAIL PICKS SIZE: 8mm round bead design, total length 4.3 inches/11cm.They are made of food grade 304 stainless steel, it is corrosion resistant and easy to clean.The design of the ball is cute and easy to handle. The sharp part is polished, and it is safer and easier to insert fruit.CRAFT BARTENDER’S CHOICE: These cocktail picks are styled to match what you’ll find in some of the world’s best cocktail bars and top bartender competitions.It will be the great addtion for your drinks.DURABLE MATERIAL: Made of professional food-grade Stainless Steel 304 and dishwasher safe for home or commercial dishwashers, these picks are designed to last a lifetime without rust.ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Don’t throw away a toothpick or plastic pick with every cocktail you make - reuse these instead. 24 pieces will fit your quantity needs, you’ll never have to buy cocktail picks again.VERSATILE and WIDE USE RANGE: They’re great for olives, cherries, citrus or fruit garnishes in your cocktails, and they make great hors doeuvres picks as well. Perfect for your next cocktail party.They are sharp enough to pick the olive,citrus or fruit garnishes.

Endorsed and used by sommeliers in the finest restaurants, ReServe preserves the freshly opened flavor and bouquet of your wines for over a week. ReServe incorporates the newest technology that is necessary to extend the freshness of wine. The bottle adaptor’s automated valves enable injection of inert argon gas while venting harmful oxygen from the bottle of wine. New oxygen is barred from entering the bottle preventing the oxidation of your favorite varietals. It is the most effective consumer wine preservation system whether you store the bottle on the counter or on its side in the refrigerator. The boxed set includes regulator, bottle adaptor and one gas cartridge, good for about 20 uses. Additional bottle adaptors can be purchased to preserve multiple bottles of wine at the same time. Easy maintenace - rinse adaptor and rack dry or place adaptor on top rack of dishwasher. Made in USA

24 pcs 4 Inch Stainless Steel Cocktail Picks cnomg Martini Picks Set Appetizer Toothpicks ECSASRRVL

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